Rawlinson Primary School

Rawlinson Primary School



The canteen operates Tuesday to to Friday. Menus are sent home to families and copies are available from the front office, as well as on our website and on Skoolbag. Our canteen conforms to the WA Government’s healthy food requirement, commonly known as the ‘traffic light system’. These standards require that foods in the Green category be encouraged, Amber foods should be selected carefully and Red food and drinks are off the menu.

Volunteers are always needed, please contact the canteen if you are able to assist.

You can also call the canteen either via the school or on their direct line on 0416 198 479, however please remember their busiest times are first thing in the morning, recess and lunchtime.

*Download the Qkr! app for free and order wherever you are.* Simply read the instructions below, install the app and you will have access to order from the full menu.

Canteen Menu Qkr! download instructions and FAQ