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What does the Rawlinson Primary School P&C Association do?

Our P&C is a group of parents who help make our school the best it can be. We have a say in school activities such as excursions and camps. We work with the school to purchase resources for education and sport. We hold events to raise money for all of this and to bring our school community together.

All parents and community members are welcome. Please join us at a meeting soon.

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Rawlinson P&C Uniform Shop

The Rawlinson Uniform Store is run by a group of parent volunteers, managed by the Rawlinson Primary School P&C. We work hard to source good quality uniforms for our children that are hard wearing and that can be sold at reasonable prices. We make minimal profits from selling our uniforms (enough to cover operating costs and have sufficient stock on hand). Any excess funds are used to purchase resources for the benefit of students at the school.

There are many advantages to wearing school uniform every day:

Uniforms help build a strong school spirit

Uniforms provide an even playing field between the children, allowing them to reserve their “good clothes” for weekends and holidays

Uniforms are an important safety feature, making a Rawlinson child instantly recognisable when out of school grounds. This is particularly important while on school excursions

Uniforms make mornings easier for parents, eliminating the problem of what to wear each day.


All students at Rawlinson Primary School should wear school uniform every day. This consists of a branded school shirt with a navy skirt, shorts or pants, or the school dress. In winter, students can add the Rawlinson fleece jacket.


We cannot operate without the help and support of our community of volunteers. Our volunteers do a fantastic job year-round selling uniforms, packing and delivering orders, unpacking stock and much, much more! So if the queues are ever a little longer than usual, please be patient. We work as quickly as we can, but sometimes we just don’t have enough helpers!

We are always looking for new people to help spread the workload. If you would like to become involved, please email us at rawlinson.uniforms@gmail.com

School uniforms are available for purchase through the Qkr app or by giving a cash order to the front office. We are open once or twice each school term to purchase and try sizes.

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