Rawlinson Primary School

Rawlinson Primary School


Mobile Phone Policy

There is no need for any student to have a mobile phone at school. Any communication during school is accommodated through our normal processes. Should you require your child to have a mobile phone at school, the following will apply; During the school day.

  • Permission from the Principal or Associate Principal will be obtained.
  • Phones will be switched off and kept in the school office.
  • Phones will not be used for any purpose during school hours.
  • Should it be found that phones have been used contrary to any of the above, the phones will be removed to a safe place pending a meeting with the student’s parents.
  • At that meeting parents will be required to remove any school items from the phone.
  • If parent co-operation is not forthcoming then legal assistance will be sought to ensure offending material is removed.
  • Use of mobile phones contrary to school expectations will result in suspension.
  • The school accepts no responsibility for safety of phones.


D. Dedman

July 2017