School Hours & Attendance







In collaboration with staff, parents, P & C and the North Metropolitan Regional Education Office a decision was made to have an early lunch and later recess based on student concentration and maximising lesson times.

Unexplained absences SMS messages

The Department of Education currently provides and supports MGMOutReach software, which our school uses.  The software delivers SMS messages notifying parents of their child’s absence and seeking an explanation.  Messages are automatically generated and sent based on a ‘U’ (unexplained absence) or ‘L’ (late to school) code entered in School Information System (SIS).  This system is also used for emergency communication with parents.

Early Arrivals

Early arrival is a problem as we do not know your child is here.  Any child arriving before 8.20am will be asked to go and sit in the undercover area.  They will not be allowed to wander around the school or to play, until 8.30am when other students begin to arrive.

Late Arrivals

Please send your child to the office for a late note for arrivals any later than the siren at 8.50am.  This then needs to be handed to the teacher on arrival at class.

Late Pick Ups

We know that things don’t always go according to plan, therefore late pickups will be sent to the office and we will contact you.  If you know you are going to be late, please call the office and allow us to reassure your child and keep them safe.  Please endeavour to keep this to a minimum as staff also have other activities and children of their own to take care of after hours.

Taking your child out of school hours

If you need to take your child out of school for appointments etc., please come to the office where you will be issued an ‘Authority to leave School Premises’ note.  This then needs to be handed to the teacher in order for them to release the child to you.  Please bring documents to identify yourself.  

If a friend or family member is not listed as an emergency contact it may cause some delay as we will phone the parents/guardians to verify before the child will be released to you.  An easier way would be for the parent/guardian to supply a note or make a phone call to us prior to your arrival.  Please ask those collecting to bring identification with them.