What is Seesaw?

Seesaw is a platform which enables students to access activities online and show their understanding through interactive activities. Seesaw assists students to be creative and learn how to use technology. 

Teachers use SEESAW CLASS to set activities for students that provide them with opportunities to demonstrate their learning whilst also practising ICT Capabilities skills.

Students use SEESAW CLASS to access activities set by the teacher. Each student has their own journal, where completed activities are published. These activities can contain a combination of photos, videos, drawings, or text.

Families use SEESAW FAMILY to view the work posted on Seesaw by their children and make comments directly to their children about their work.

Communication Through Seesaw

Teachers send STUDENT ANNOUNCEMENTS and/or FAMILY ANNOUNCEMENTS about important events such as assemblies and excursions, as well as notes about significant topics or reminders for their class. Messages can also be sent to individual students/families when required.

Admin send SCHOOL ANNOUNCEMENTS about whole-school events or programs, such as Athletics Carnivals, Parent Night or P and C events, as well as important information or reminders as necessary.

Download the App

To make sure you receive all communications from the school and your child’s class, as well as the opportunity to view your child’s work, make sure you download the SEESAW FAMILY app onto your ipad or phone. If you have a desktop or laptop computer then go to: You can get your ‘Family Invite’ code from your child’s teacher to connect to your child’s account.