Third Party Consent

Dear Parents and Carers,

The Education Department is concerned about the use of third party computer programs, that is, those that do not originate in Australia, their use and cyber safety of the data that is stored by them. 

We are equally concerned and wary.  Each of the application programs we use at Rawlinson Primary School has been carefully checked by the Education Department and with your agreement, we will have authorization to use these them.

We are seeking your approval for your child to use the specific Apps online that we use at Rawlinson Primary School.  Each App is carefully explained to you and links are provided for you to investigate into its safety.  We believe that the apps we use contribute significantly to the academic and social/emotional learning that we target at Rawlinson Primary School and we ask that you approve each application for your child to use.

Please complete one third party consent form for each child and submit to the school. Further information contact the administration team on 08 9345 6500.

Kind regards,

Darryl Dedman