Values & Vision

To provide a safe supportive environment where all are encouraged to reach their potential.

Diversity is celebrated with acceptance, tolerance, active listening and understanding.

We strive to build resilience, cooperation, confidence and self-worth so as to ensure Learning for Life.

Our Vision

Rawlinson Primary School will achieve

Success for all Students

  • are happy, engaged and intrinsically motivated to be independent learners,
  • are confident and display a willingness to achieve their potential through resilience, listening, collaboration and critical thinking.

High Quality Teaching

  • This will be evident when staff:
    • are self-reflective, collaborative, flexible and enthusiastic,
    • engage in professional learning to develop effective individual, class and whole school plans that assist in the delivery of a quality, data driven, differentiated curriculum.

Effective Leadership

  • are approachable and community focused,
  • display a caring and supportive culture that practices open communication,
  • are strong, empowering and make informed decisions supported by evidence based practices,
  • support and model High Expectation Relationships with Success for All and Quality Teaching as priorities.

Strong Governance and Support

  • decision makers operate in an open and transparent manner,
  • all decision making is considered, equitable, realistic, accountable and flexible,
  • resources – physical, financial and human management are clearly linked to the schools strategic and operational plans.