Digital Technologies

At Rawlinson Primary School we recognise the significant role that Information Technologies and Digital Literacy plays both now and into the future for our students. As such we have as a priority the maintenance of an infrastructure that will benefit student learning and set them up for success in a digital world. We have class sets of iPads in every block that are used to integrate Information Technology across the curriculum. Additionally, there are class sets of laptops that are used in Year 5 and 6. Each class is also equipped with state of the art interactive eboards. 

Students and teachers in all classes utilise programs such as Mathletics, Seesaw, Zoom, Brightpath Mathematics and English, and typing programs to enrich and extend learning across the curriculum. We also utilise robotics to enrich their understanding of Digital Technologies. The robotics we currently use include Beebots, Ozobots, Wonder Workshop’s Dash Robots and Lego Wedo’s. 3D printing is becoming ever more prominent in the manufacturing and design industries and we have two 3D printers that are used to introduce students to 3D design and printing.

Through the Digital Technologies curriculum, students develop an understanding of the characteristics of data, digital systems, audiences, procedures and computational thinking. It is aimed at enabling students to become confident and creative developers of digital solutions through the application of information systems and specific ways of thinking about problem solving. Coding is integral to this learning area and plays an increasingly important role in preparing students for “their” future. We recognise that the specific skills required to teach Digital Technologies need to be a focus of our school in improving students learning outcomes in this area. As such, we have a dedicated specialist teacher responsible for implementing the Digital Technologies curriculum.

Living and working in a digital world does pose its own unique challenges in regard to online safety and security. At all times Rawlinson Primary School maintains a focus on Cyber-Safety and instils in its students cyber-safe practices.