What is STEM?

Simply put, STEM is an umbrella term used to describe the integration of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, however, it is much more than that. It focuses on hands-on, student-centred learning opportunities, using skills learnt in the above areas to think critically, collect and analyse data and work together to find solutions to real world problems.

Why is STEM important?

STEM is vital for the future job prospects of today’s students.  When participating in STEM activities, students develop skills such as collaboration, communication, persistence, resilience and problem solving skills. All of these skills will help our students thrive in an ever changing world.

What does STEM look like at Rawlinson?

At Rawlinson Primary School, we are making STEM a strong part of our teaching and learning programs.  All classes complete weekly Science, Design technology, Maths and computer classes as per the West Australian curriculum.  We also strive to encourage our students’ natural curiosity about the world around them by providing them with the opportunity problem solve through a cross-curricular STEM approach.  All staff have completed training concerning the teaching of STEM, through Scitech, and have access to a range of STEM based, real world problems to present to the students.

Every year, classes from K-6 take part in the STEM Expo which ties in with National Science Week.  Our undercover area is transformed into a science museum, with each class creating and displaying a STEM based unit of work, as well as, a hands-on activity for students from other classes to engage with.  Each class is rostered on throughout the day to attend the expo, view the displays and interact with the engaging hands-on activities.  The expo is completely student led, with students from each class present at their display to share what they have learnt and to help with the hands-on activities.  The expo is always a fun, successful event that the students look forward to. Parents are also welcome to attend the expo and in 2021, the expo displays were incorporated into our Parent Night.  

This year, Rawlinson Primary has received a grant to create a designated STEM Lab. This lab will be a purpose built room full of everything needed to create critical and creative thinkers, available for all classes to use on a regular basis.